Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stay Connected -- A New Blog?

These are lean times for long range strategic planning. Compared to times past, it is relatively out of favor to promote long-range planning. At times like these, it helps to connect with other fellow strategists in order to prevent discouragement.

Linked In has some interesting places to connect with fellow strategists. In particular, there are some interesting discussions every once in awhile within the Strategy Professionals Network on Linked In.

A newer place to go is Although this was originally set up as an IT profession gathering place, they have recently added a place for finance professionals. Within the finance area is a sub-section for corporate strategy professionals. Although this is relatively new, they are making an effort to make it a place worth going to, with lots of white papers, blogs, and ways to connect.

This leads to my main point. The folks at Toolbox found my blog (Planninga From Nanninga) and enjoyed it enough to ask me to write a different one specifically for Toolbox. I said yes. I call it Planninga WITH Nanninga. This new blog is shorter, more pointed towards strategy professionals, and poses questions to encourage discussion (hence the word “with” in the title). You can find it at, although you may have to first join toolbox to see it.

Check it out. Let's get the discussion going.

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